An optimized use of my card

An optimized use of my Total card

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With Pre-configurations of selected parameters will enable you to:

  • Determine for each card the products and services authorized as well as the authorized days and geographic zones.
  • Limit the value of each card, cumulative purchases/frequency per day/week/month and geographical zone to facilitate budgetary control and track movements.
  • Access information data about cumulative value of purchases, mileage and frequency to exercise budgetary control and predict trends fuel usage via
  • Each card may be allocated to a vehicle, to a driver or both.
  • In additional, for vehicles used by several drivers, a driver identification code may be requested as part of the transaction.
  • You will be notified of all purchases which exceed the capacity of your vehicles’ fuel tank.
  • For each card, a secret PIN code selected by yourself or randomly chosen by computer ensures that the card can be used only by the authorized person.
  • In case of loss or theft, the card can be blocked within 24 hours (working day) upon request.


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