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Total is one of the largest integrated oil and gas companies in the world, with activities in more than 130 countries. Its 100,000 employees put their expertise to work in every part of the industry — exploration and production of oil and natural gas, refining, chemicals, marketing and new energies. Total is working to help satisfy the global demand for energy, both today and tomorrow.

Our Business Principles


As a responsible industrial company, we are committed to supporting efficient and properly managed use of our energy sources and products.
We take into account the needs of today’s consumers and the interests of future generations. We have an active policy of environmental stewardship that is an integral part of our sustainable development strategy and we provide regular and transparent reports.

The following business principles are a reference point and go hand-in-hand with our goals of continued growth, benefiting shareholders, customers and employees whilst contributing to the economic and social development of the countries in which we operate។

  • Total seeks to ensure the highest Safety, Health, Security and Environmental standards wherever we operate.

  • Total has a rigorous Compliance Program based on a “zero tolerance” principle designed to prevent and detect violations of applicable anti-trust, anti-fraud, anti- bribery and anti-corruption laws worldwide.

  • Total is committed to respecting internationally recognized human rights standards within its operations.

Total adheres to the Principles set out in:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights as endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council in 2011

  • The fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization

  • The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

  • The Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights

  • The United Nations Global Compact

Our Employees


  • We pay particular attention to employees’ working conditions, especially the respect for each individual

  • We have confidence in the loyalty, motivation, competence and sense of responsibility of our managers and employees.

  • We believe our development depends on trust and respect between the Group and employees and amongst employees themselves.

  • All our staff must bring our values to life through the Total attitude cornerstone behaviors: listening, mutual support, cross-functionality and boldness.

  • Employees must ensure that they carry-out their daily activities in compliance with the Code of Conduct

Other Stakeholders

1 . Customers


Total provides customers with quality products and services, and strives at all times to offer them good performance at competitive prices for their particular requirements.
We are attentive to our customers’ needs. We continuously monitor, assess and improve our products, services, technology and procedures to deliver quality, safety, energy efficiency and innovation at every stage of the development, production and distribution process.

2 . Suppliers and contractors


Total’s policy regarding suppliers and contractors is to respect each party’s interests with transparent and fairly negotiated contract terms. It is built on three pillars: dialogue, professionalism and respect of commitments.


  • To adhere to principles equivalent to those in our Code of Conduct, which are specified in the Purchasing Fundamental business Principles, and to accept to be audited.
  • To make sure that their own suppliers and subcontractors respect equivalent principles to ours.
  • Total pay particular attention to their human rights standards and procedures,including their employees’ working conditions.

3 . Host countries

  • The Guiding Principles on business and human rights as endorsed by the UN human rights Council in 2011 recognize States’ existing obligations to respect, protect and fulfill human rights
  • In conducting our operations, we respect the natural environment and the culture of host countries.
  • Total respects the sovereignty of host countries and refrains from intervening in or funding the political processes. We reserve the right to express to governments, when necessary, our position concerning our operations, employees and shareholders and our belief in the importance of respecting human rights.

4 . Local communities

  • Total undertakes operations that have social and environmental impacts at the local level and consults with the communities regularly. Through our operations, we contribute to the social and economic development in countries where we operate.
  • We pay particular attention to development opportunities for local communities.
  • We respect the rights of communities by identifying, preventing and mitigating impacts in particular on their environment and way of life and, where appropriate, by providing remedy. We seek to establish dialogue and lasting relationships with these communities at a very early stage.
  • We design and implement effective local grievance mechanisms and remediation processes in particular towards vulnerable groups, including indigenous peoples.

5 . Business Partners

We apply our Code of Conduct whenever we control a joint venture. In other situations, we will make ongoing efforts so that the partner who controls the joint venture applies principles that are equivalent to our Code of Conduct.

6 . Shareholders

  • We strive to earn the confidence of our shareholders, with the objective of providing them with a profitable and sustainable investment.
  • We comply with applicable stock exchange regulations and report our activities accurately in our financial statements.
  • We regularly provide full and transparent information to all shareholders. We maintain an ongoing and constructive dialogue with them through diverse communication channels. We are attentive to their expectations, concerns and questions on any subject.