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Total Card Benefits

Total Card - A comprehensive offer adapted to professionals' needs

A simple and effective management tool

TOTAL Club Card is designed to meet the requirements of businesses and large fuel consumers in an effective and secure manner.

TOTAL Club Card makes life easier for drivers, accountants and managers: no more hassle with cash, expense reports or payment vouchers for fuel and related services. A Control and Analysis reports like Anomalies, Detail Transactions, Statistic, Card Status of cards is available online via It allows Club Card customer to view almost real time usage of the card with a limit period of previous day. Be the proud owner of this unique technology card and take advantage of the multiple benefits.

The 5 best reasons to choose TOTAL Club Card


  • Control in station
  • Warning message on the receipt in case of unauthorized use
  • Reliable mileage input at the station


  • Setting the purchase ceiling of fuels and services
  • Temporal, technical and geographical limitation


  • Details statement
  • 100 km statement
  • Anomalies Statement


  • Chip card impossible to duplicate
  • Confidential 4-digit PIN code


  • Bonjour shop
  • Oil change and car maintenance
  • Car wash bay 
  • Network densit