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TOTAL Card Key Benefits

What is TOTAL Card?

As fleet managers and owners, your biggest worry is to find ways to better manage costs in fuel, while ensuring your organization efficiency and that drivers of your fleet are complying with company policy. The more visibility and control you have on your fleet, the more productivity and cost savings you can gain. That’s why, with our TOTAL Card, we provide you the best partner when it comes to Fleet Management with its full suit of advantages that will fit you needs. 

What are TOTAL Card advantages?


In Cambodia, our TOTAL Card will give you access to a wide station network that will enable your drivers to fuel when needed without driving extra kilometers… Thus, for further detail, please visit our Station locator pages. ► Station Locator



With our TOTAL Card, benefit from access to a wide range of services in our TOTAL stations, that can be adapted as per you needs:

  - all Total High Quality fuels available (Diesel, gasoline, premix, kerosene…), including Excellium. ► Fuels

  - a comprehensive selection of Total Lubricant products and repair services (Total Quartz Autocare, oil change, maintenance…) ► Lubricants

  - a large choice of wash equipment & stations (Including our Total Wash excellency) and their related Car Care Products

  - access to our Shop and customer services (food, coffee corner, washrooms, Wifi, showers…)



As fraud avoidance is one of fleet management’s main target, our TOTAL Card is concentrate of enhanced security functionalities:

  - Fully secured transactions thanks to our personalized confidential codes (card pin and driver identification codes)

  - Mileage entry feature to track “abnormal over consumption”

  - Additional security tools available with our RFID tag to ensure correct vehicle identification

  - Loss and theft protection with immediate blacklisting feature

  - Anomaly Alerts in case of abnormal usage of your cards (ref. to your card restrictions, number of transactions per day, pin code errors….)



Looking for reinforced and convenient monitoring of your fleet? Have a look at our TOTAL Card online extranet portal flexible features: ► Extranet Portal

  - Manage your account based on your company structure with our user’s management and divisions feature

  - Create, modify or blacklist your cards and codes

  - Select your products and set flexible restrictions per product category (daily/monthly/yearly limit, product exclusion, in amount or litres…)

  - Define additional restrictions such as temporal (day/time), geographical (per zone or station), technical (tank capacity, card ceiling amount), etc…

  - Reload your account or cards using our different options & partners (online, mobile, stations, office….)



Once again, using our extranet portal, you will be able to improve your efficiency in terms of Fleet Management thanks to:

  - Our single and detailed invoice & additional specific statement link to your divisions 

  - A close monitoring of your consumption and alerts before reaching your limit

  - A clear and detailed transactions report (date, time, location, product quantity and amount…)

  - Additional consumption reports to benchmark and manage your drivers’ average consumption and maintenance needs (based on mileage entry)

  - Anomaly alerts summary to detect any abnormal driver behavior



In TOTAL, we really value our customers and make sure that we will always provide you the needed support during our whole journey together:

  - Dedicated Front Office and Customer services to answer all your questions

  - Dedicated Sales teams to answer your questions regarding TOTAL Card offer selection or options

  - Dedicated Back Office teams to support you in your daily account and card management

  - Well trained Station staff to welcome and accompany your drivers

  - Regional and central teams attentive to your needs to always enhance our system accordingly


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